Harmony Bridge Named in Honor of Woman, Two Children Killed in Dexter 

A bridge in Harmony now stands in memory of a woman and her two children, killed nearly a year ago in Dexter at the hands her estranged husband. The Amy, Coty, Monica Memorial Bridge was dedicated Saturday in Amy Bagley Lake’s hometown, with the help of dozens of people determined to put an end to domestic violence. “Amy is still in Harmony today, now more than ever.”Even in their pain, Linda and Ralph Bagley know the deaths of their daughter Amy Bagley Lake and their two grandchildren are not lost on a community that also cared for them.”Amy, Coty and Monica gave us much joy, laughs and so much love.” The three were shot to death in their home in Dexter by Stephen Lake who then turned the gun on himself. But folks here are determined not to let the story end there.”This bridge is a reminder of what we don’t want to happen again,” says Linda Bagley.The effort to rename this the Amy, Coty, Monica Memorial Bridge and another in town to the Remember Me bridge was spearheaded by Amy’s friend Sandra Mitchell – no stranger to domestic violence.”I’ve see it happen to a lot of people but when it goes to this extreme, it’s too heart breaking not to try to do something to make a difference.”Arthur Jette, a domestic violence prevention advocate, says the end of the violence begins with awareness.”When people cross that bridge and see the sign, they see the purple ribbons, there will be some kind of awareness created. They’re not just random acts of violent murder. they’re murdered at the hands of somebody who professed to love them.”Jette says, unfortunately, these kind of dedications will continue until more people are encouraged and empowered to speak up. Something Amy’s family and friends hope a drive over this bridge will now inspire.”What they went through has made a difference over this past year and will in years to come.”Sandra Mitchell and other volunteers are organizing a number of fundraisers in the next month, with money going to various community organizations, including those dealing with domestic violence. BYOPP is to pay a donation fee and plant your own perennials on both sides of the road from the Memorial Bridge on Route 150 and turn to Route 154 over the Remember Me bridge and extending to the Ridgeview school in Dexter where Amy Lake was a teacher – about 15 to 20 mile stretch of road. This planting is to remember anyone you have lost.Participants are asked to donate items for Maine Animal shelters like pet food, kitty litter, etc. which Mitchell will deliver at the the end of these events. A Raffle is also taking place and winners will be called and names will be given to the media, too. Four weekend car washes are being organized by Alexis Cunningham and Breann Bussle, students of Dexter high and students and friends of Amy Lake and her children.None of the fundraising dollars will be used for overhead on the Memorial Garden that’s being built, either. 100 percent raised will be given equally to Make-a-Wish, The American Cancer Society, Maine Veterans and the Young Marines, Womancare in Dover-Foxcroft and the Family Violence Project.For more information, contact Sandra Mitchell at 683-2316 or [email protected]