Maine Mothers Deliver Message To Maine Senators In Washington 

A group of Maine mothers took a bus trip to Washington D.C. to ask lawmakers to ban some of the harmful chemicals in their kids products.The group of women from all over the state delivered a petition to Senators Snowe and Collins urging them to support the Safe Chemicals Act.The women say that toxic chemicals don’t belong in products aimed at children.They say the country’s chemical safety system is badly broken and they want lawmakers in Washington to help fix it. “I really wanted to get involved and a lot of it was out of frustration,” said Megan Rice of China, who made the trip to Washington. “I’m buying these products in the store. I think they’re safe because they’re selling them to me on a store shelf. To find out that it’s not safe, and to also find out the baby food I fed them on occasion had really high levels of BPA, even though it was organic. It’s frustrating to think that you’re making god choices for your family and to find out after the fact that you’re not.”The group of mothers say they’re encouraged after their meeting with Senators Snowe and Collins.They’re hoping the two Maine Senators will sponsor the Safe Chemicals Act. Neither Snowe or Collins have announced yet whether they support the legislation.