Police: Highly Unlikely Ayla Reynolds will be Found Alive 

Police said Thursday afternoon they do not believe toddler Ayla Reynolds will be found alive. In a press conference in Waterville, public safety spokesman, Steve McCausland said nothing points to a happy ending in this case. Ayla Reynolds was 20-months-old when she was reported missing in December from her father, Justin DiPietro’s, Waterville home. Police are calling the investigation a criminal investigation, but will not go as far as calling it a homicide investigation. Police believe the adults in the house the night before Ayla was reported missing, including DiPietro, know more than they are telling them. A $30,000 reward being offered in the case will expire at the end of June. Police say this does not change the scope of the investigation, and that searches will continue, although none have been scheduled as of Thursday. Police did find Ayla’s blood in DiPietro’s home and have recovered evidence from the house that is still being analyzed. We’re also told items found in the water behind the Hathaway Creative Center in Waterville that might be related to the case are still being analyzed. Police continue to get tips in the case, and say it is too early to speculate about any charges or any suspects in the case.