Governor Not Endorsing Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate 

Governor LePage says he’s not siding with anyone in the Republican primary race for the U.S. Senate, despite a recent mailer sent out by one of the candidates. The governor says Republicans have six well-qualified people to choose from and he’s decided not to endorse any of them. His statement comes a day after some voters started receiving this flier in the mail from candidate and state treasurer Bruce Poliquin. It shows a picture of Poliquin and a picture of the governor and says they’re “two conservatives fighting for Maine’s future.”The other Republican candidates are former state Senator Rick Bennett, businessman Scott D’Amboise, Secretary of State Charlie Summers, state Senator Debra Plowman and Attorney General William Schneider.Schneider criticized the Poliquin campaign, saying he’s been trying to ride the Governor’s coattails. Poliquin’s campaign dismissed that as “desperate and incorrect.”