Friends Searching for Missing Skowhegan Man 

Skowhegan police are looking for a man who hasn’t been seen in nearly a week. Jeff Godin was last seen leaving the South Side Tavern in Skowhegan around 1 o’clock Saturday morning. We’re told he was alone at the time and was walking home. He was last seen wearing a t-shirt, blue jeans, baseball cap and work boots. Friends tell us it is extremely uncommon for him to not make it home, and say he would never leave his dog alone for this long. Godin had told someone he would be at work on Saturday morning, but he never showed up. Friends have been searching for him and police tell TV 5 they will talk with the warden service to begin a search. At this time police say there is no evidence of foul play. If you have any information call police at 474-6908.