Kids Get Magical Science Lesson at Maine Discovery Museum 

Every Tuesday kids turn into science detectives at the Maine Discovery Museum in downtown Bangor. It’s a lesson, disguised in fun. ” It might look like magic, but there’s actually science behind it,” said Trudi Plummer, education director at the Maine Discovery Museum. Plummer performed a magic trick for the kids, a disappearing penny. It looked like magic, but like any good detectives, the kids figured it out. ‘ She put paper on the bottom of the cup and she put it on top of the penny,” said Zoe, one of the children taking part in the event. One of the most popular activities of the day was magic sand. ” If it goes underwater and if you pick it back up, it turns to regular sand and it won’t be wet,” explained Ewan, another child taking part in the fun. The detectives did their best to figure out how the magic sand works. ” It’s magic,” declared Ian, the youngest member of the group. ” It’s treated with scotch guard and it will repel or push water molecules away. So it looks like magic, but it’s just a waterproof kind of sand,” explained Plummer. Even though it wasn’t magic, it did make for a magical way to spend a rainy day. For more information on the Maine Discovery Museum and to find a list of activities taking place click here.