Good Shepard Food Bank in Bangor Serving Free Lunches to Kids 

The Good Shepard Food Bank will help to serve up free lunches to kids in Bangor this summer.Hundreds of students in the Bangor School District are fed through the free and reduced lunch program.But when summertime rolls around, and schools let out, many of those kids have to go without a healthy meal.That’s why the Good Shepard Food Bank and other organizations have teamed up to provide free lunches to kids throughout the summer.While the meals will only be served Monday thru Friday, the program will also provide for the weekend too.”We will also be providing a backpack of food with some staples that they can plan some meals around that will help bridge the gap over the weekend not only for those children, but for all of their family,” says Melissa Huston of the Good Shepard Food Bank.Lunch will be served Monday thru Friday at three sites in Bangor, starting on June 25th.Those lunch locations will be at the Fairmont School, Capehart, and Griffin Park.Anyone can come out, you just have to be a student under the age of 18 to eat.