Grandmother and Granddaughter Taking Care of Veterans Grave 

You can usually spot a veterans grave at a cemetery, just look for the small flag placed next to it: but do you ever take a closer look?What you see might surprise you. It’s led a grandmother and her granddaughter from Glenburn to adopt-a-veteran. Jessy Roy, 12, and her grandmother, Cindy Partridge, were shocked to see the condition of many veterans graves at Kenduskeag Cemetery. ” It was completely black and it had soot or something all over,” said Roy. Jessy decided they should do something, and came up with the idea of adopting a veteran. ” My grandfather is a veteran and 100 years from now if nobody is around I would wish that somebody would do the same,” said Roy. They chose a random site to take care of and as the headstone turned from black to white, pieces of the veterans life were unveiled. ” I was cleaning it and then I realized that there were two kids and then we found out that there was a wife and not just a veteran there,” said Roy. When they found out they were taking care of a family, they knew they needed to stop by more often. ” Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day and different types of holidays,” explained Roy. ” Like an extended family that we didn’t know even though we’re not blood related,” added Partridge. They put up gates and place flowers at the site, hoping their act of kindness will inspire others. ” They come out and put the flags out, but they should at least take the time to clean it up a little bit,” said Roy. ” If we pick up one and somebody else comes in and picks up another one, pretty soon you’ve got veterans that you’ve done things for, the older veterans,” added Partridge. They hope if more people do what they’re doing, pretty soon, the old, rundown headstones will be shining proudly.