Robert De Niro Receives Honorary Degree from Bates College 

A film legend spoke to graduates at the commencement ceremony at Bates College in Lewiston on Sunday.463 graduates earned degrees this year. During the ceremony on the school’s historic quad, three honorary degrees were also given out.Those went to scientist Bonnie Bassler, journalist Gwen Ifill and Academy Award winning actor Robert De Niro.De Niro joked with the students about “staying in school for as long as you can.” He also joked that the best piece advice he could them is to “become a movie star.”But De Niro did take a more serious tone when it came to making a difference and taking chances in life. “Trying to improve our society isn’t a cliche, it is a worthy goal: thinking about an actually doing the right thing is a cliche , but so what, it is the worthiest of goals. When a director gives you a line reading that doesn’t feel right for your character, nod and agree with him or her then do it the way your character would do it. If you are an actor been true to your character: if you are not an actor, have character and always be true to yourself,” De Niro said in his speech.In addition to the graduates, more than 5,000 guests attended the ceremony.