Pineland Farms Trail Runners Festival Brings Out Runners From All Over the Country 

On Sunday, some ultra-marathoners took to the fields of Pineland Farms in New Gloucester. The 7th Annual Pineland Farms Trail Runners Festival took place this weekend. Sunday was all about long distance runners with events that included a 50 mile run, a 50k run, and a 25k run all through the rolling hills and forests of Pineland Farms.The festival gathers top runners from all over the country.Organizers say it’s a unique challenge for those who may be looking for something different than a traditional marathon.”We offer a challenge sort of a compelling challenge for those folks who have done a marathon before—or many—and are looking for something different that is also challenging,” said festival organizer Erik Boucher.The seven total events this weekend attract more than 1,500 runners.