First Equestrian Open Barn Day Held in Maine 

Stables all over the state opened their barn doors to the public on Sunday. It was the first ever Maine Equestrian Open Barn Day, organized by the newspaper called The Horse’s Maine. Just under 50 stables participated, but only one from Penobscot County took part this time around.East Ridge Stable in Charleston allowed people of all ages to come meet their horses and get to know more about what the stable has to offer.”We chose to open our barn to the public, even though we’re public anyway, just to have people feel what it is like to be around the horses and maybe spark somebody’s interest. The equine industry in the state of Maine is huge and a lot of people don’t realize that,” said Robin Corey, Owner of East Ridge Stable. The stables involved in this first Open Barn Day hope this event will grow in future years and make more Mainers aware of different stables in their neck of the woods.