Students Remember Art Teacher Killed in Crash with Memorial Outside Classroom 

It’s not unusual to see artwork outside of an art teachers room, but it’s sad, that it’s artwork like this. ” Pictures, notes, letters to her. They hung them up in remembrance of her life,” said Tom Sullivan, principal at the Glenburn School. Jaquie McTigue was on her way to work at the Glenburn School Friday when she was killed in a car crash while pulling out of her driveway on outer Union Street in Bangor. ” The vehicle was struck broadside and spun around on the road. As a result, the passenger was ejected,” said Sgt. Ed Potter with the Bangor Police Department. Police do not believe McTigue was wearing her seatbelt. The two people in the Hopkins Landscaping truck weren’t hurt. Police say the driver did everything he could to avoid McTigue’s car. ” Physically he’s fine, emotionally he’s very upset, ” said Sgt. Potter. When the news of the accident made it to Glenburn, school officials got their crisis team together. Counselors from local high schools came to help students and staff cope. ” We had several who did struggle throughout the day,” said Sullivan. McTigue taught art to all of the 430 students at the school, and she was a friend to many of the staff members. ” She was just an incredible soul and a spirit of love. She was just so disarming, so quiet, but yet kids loved to be around her and the adults, we idolized her,” said Sullivan. The pictures on her classroom door will be taken down as part of the coping process. ” We represent life and a culture. We’ll have remorse and grief, but we gotta press forward,” said Sullivan. The pictures will be given to McTigue’s sister, who also teaches at the school, and even though they won’t be displayed in the hallway anymore, it’s clear her memory and love of art will never be forgotten.