Items Stolen from Bangor Thrift Store 

A Bangor store owner wants to know who stole from her business Wednesday night. Bangor Thrift Store, formally Hands of Hope, has video of what looks like two men stealing from behind the store. It happened around 8:45 Wednesday night. We’re told the suspects took bed rails, metals and tried to get into vehicles. This isn’t the first time this has happened at the store. ” We’ve been burglarized around twelve times out back, twice in the store, once really big. Ya know, a dozen times is a lot of times and we’re trying to do things for the community so it makes it really tough. They’re really stealing from the kids when they do this,” said Kathy Harvey, director of Bangor Thrift Store. Harvey has installed security cameras at Bangor Thrift Store and hopes it will stop people from stealing. If you have any information on what happened Wednesday night, call Bangor police at 947-7382.