Bomb Squad Called To Oakland For Apparent Pipe Bomb At A Church 

Authorities from multiple state agencies were called to Oakland after police thought someone had left a pipe bomb on the steps of a church.A passing motorist first noticed what appeared to be a pipe bomb on the steps of St. Theresa’s Catholic Church on Church Street. The device was described as being about 10 inches long, capped on both ends, and painted gray.The driver who noticed it called Oakland police, who called in the State Fire Marshall’s Office to try to determine what they were dealing with. “An unidentified device that was suspected of being an improvised explosive device,” said Sgt. Ken Grimes of the Maine State Fire Marshal’s Office.Police closed the street and the surrounding area. Houses were evacuated.Authorities on scene called in the Maine State Police Bomb squad. Shortly after they arrived, members of the bomb squad prepped a remote control robot which was sent up to the Church to examine the device. A short time later the device was detonated. “That was the disruptor from the robot firing a bullet type charge to interrupt it to open it up,” explained Grimes.Police say the suspicious device turned out to not be a pipe bomb. It was a fake. A device dressed up to look like a pipe bomb. “I can say it certainly looked like one,” Grimes said. “Whether that was the intent we don’t know just yet.”Police aren’t saying what was inside of it either. Now it’s up to Oakland police and the State Fire Marshal’s Office to figure out exactly where it came from and how it wound up on the steps of a church.