Bangor City Council Committee Hears from Concerned Neighbors of New Quarry Site 

The Bangor City Council may soon be looking into regulations surrounding blasting and quarries.On Wednesday night, the Business and Economic Development Committee heard from concerned neighbors of a new quarry site off of Union Street. They’re worried about how close the site is to their homes and how it might affect their way of life and property values.The committee also heard from one of the owners of that site. Owner of Gardner Construction Enterpises Randy Gardner says he would be willing to consider some sort of compromise.”What people don’t understand is that this really is literally in our backyard. It is directly behind our backyards and it’s going to be very loud and it’s going to have a severely negative impact on our property values,” said Maria Mason, owner of a property that abuts the quarry site.Gardner said, “I think our neighbors have valid concerns and I think that everything needs to be done to address them. We’ve contacted some of the neighbors, we intend to contact some more, see what we can do to address them.”This issue is something the committee plans to look into further in future meetings. It will likely be brought before the full city council.