Vassalboro Woman Attacked Less Than A Week After Neighbor Is Burglarized 

A Vassalboro woman was assaulted on her property Monday, less than a week after a neighbor was the victim of a home invasion. All this happening in the shadows of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.Nathaniel Bigelow and his family have lived on the Oak Grove Road in Vassalboro for about a year. Monday, while she was outside checking the gas meter, his wife noticed the door to an old empty trailer on their property was open. To her surprise, when she went to check it out, the trailer wasn’t empty at all. “I think she surprised the person inside just as much as she was,” Bigelow said. “He basically said he didn’t want to hurt her but he kicked the door open, knocked her down, then ran into the woods.”Bigelow’s wife, who did not want to appear on camera, suffered a concussion, cuts and bruises. She managed to make her way back to the house and Bigelow immediately called 911. “I had gone out in my wheelchair, not that I could do anything, but to see if I can see where he was,” said Bigelow, who was paralyzed after a recent spinal infection.State Police searched the area with dogs and a plane, but didn’t find the intruder. Less than a week before Monday’s incident, the house next door was burglarized. Around 3:30 Wednesday morning James Gidney said he woke up to find a strange man in his house. The burglar took off on foot carrying Gidney’s 42-inch television flat screen television. Gidney chased the thief down and wrestled with him until he dropped the television and the thief fled in a getaway car, reportedly with a woman driving.At this point State Police investigators do not believe the two incidents are related. Residents who live on Oak Grove Road say these kinds of crimes are not common around here either. What makes it particularly uncommon is the fact that both crimes occurred less than a mile away from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.Late Monday police said they now have a solid suspect in Wednesday’s home invasion, but that person has an alibi for Monday when the attack on Bigelow’s wife occurred. Folks in this neighborhood remain cautious. “We’re all listening now and everybody is on alert,” Bigelow said. “Everybody is kinda just keeping an eye out right now.”