Two Students Awarded in Law Day Essay, Art Contest 

Some local high school students have been thinking a lot about the law recently. And two of them turned up winners because of it. The Penobscot County Bar Association held an essay and art contest in honor of Law Day, which is May 1st. It’s a day set aside each spring to reflect on the country’s commitment to the rule of law. This year’s theme was “No courts, no justice, no freedom.”Cormac Close, a sophomore at Bangor High School, was awarded first place for his essay. Chelsea Kuzio, a senior at Hampden Academy, got top honors for her artwork. They say the contest really made them think about the importance of the law.Close says, “It’s basically why we have the rule of law. It’s where we can settle our disputes and we’ve always had something like that. That’s part of what makes our civilization work.”Kuzio says, “Figuring out what you’re going to draw, how you’re going to come up with how you’re going to talk about something through a drawing, it’s a little harder. But it’s fun to do. It’s a challenge and I really like it.”The students received $500 for first place. Both of them say they want to put the money toward college.Two second place winners received $250.