Warm Days Could Be Too Hot for Pets Left in Cars 

When the temperatures finally start to climb in Bangor, so do the number of calls coming into the local police department.”We’ve already started to get them. I’ve had several calls over the last week,” said Sgt. Paul Edwards of the Bangor Police Department.Concerned residents have been phoning the department after spotting pets left behind in their owners’ cars on warmer days. “If you believe the animal is in distress, we recommend you call that local police department and we will take care of that,” said Sgt. Edwards.The department gets calls regularly, but veterinarian Julie Keene said she only sees about 1 to 2 animals suffering from overheating a year. Still, she hopes pet owners take caution.”Overheating can lead to organ damage, seizure and even death. If you’ve ever gone to your car, gone into a store, come back and opened the door, you know it’s hot when you open the door,” said Keene.