UPDATE: Bangor Police Searching for Suspect in Bangor Robbery 

Bangor Police want residents to know that they are searching a man who allegedly robbed the Union Street Rite Aid just before 4:30 Monday evening.They tell TV5 the suspect is described as a male, in his early 40’s with grey hair and an unkempt, scruffy appearance.Police have been searching the area with a K-9 unit.Authorities are still investigating the incident, but did confirm that there were no weapons shown during the robbery.State Police and the Maine Wardens Service are assisting the Bangor P.D. in the search for the subject.Bangor Police also tell TV5 that the suspect has shed several articles of clothing.Bangor Police Sgt. Robert Bishop says that they do not know if the suspect is dangerous, and urges residents to be cautious if they see the suspect and that quote, “Citizens should be aware of their surroundings, if they see someone in their backyard or in their garage or somewhere that just doesn’t fit right, give us a call and we’ll come right to their location. Don’t approach him, let us do that.” If you see anything supicious, you can contact the Bangor Police at 947-7384 ext. 6.