Scouts Honor Veterans Buried In Brewer Cemetery 

Memorial Day may not be until next Monday, but Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in Brewer decided they didn’t need a holiday to remember our veterans.This Monday, they placed American Flags by the gravesites of veterans buried at the Woodlawn Cemetery in Brewer.Boy Scout Nick Turner explains “After all they did fight and maybe died for us after all, freedom is not free.”Girl Scout Katelyn Wheldon says “We love to honor the veterans because they’ve done so much for us, it’s time we did something for them.”Between 300-400 veterans are buried in this cemetery.Turner says everyone of them gets a flag “It’s not just WWI we’re honoring, it’s not just the Civil War, it’s not just the Korean War. We’re honoring all out veterans. All the one’s who fought for us and for our freedom that’s not so free.”Some veterans passed away 50 years ago…other’s five…but each headstone tells a tale of the solider who was willing to put his or her life on the line.Turner says he sees each gravesite as a person “When I look at each one, I think I get a little little bit more about each person. A lot of people put their hobbies on their stone, a lot of them put Crosses to show they were religious. I feel as though I get to know each person as I put their flag on it. I learn more about why they might have served.”Gone but not forgotten as their legacy of freedom lives on into the next generation.