Lincoln Superintendent Denies Allegations of Retaliating Against Teachers, Staff 

RSU 67’s Superintendent says it’s not true she retaliated against some unionized teachers, undermining their ability to lodge formal complaints with the school system. Denise Hamlin’s comments are in response to a complaint filed with state labor officials on behalf of a second grade teacher at Ella P. Burr Elementary school in Lincoln.Jodi Bisson was placed on administrative leave last fall during a two-week investigation.She was then given a three-day unpaid suspension and was transferred to another school. Bisson claims Hamlin disciplined her for talking about the investigation to other other people, road blocked her attempts to file a grievance and interrogated other union members. Hamlin told T-V 5 News: “We believe these charges will prove to be frivolous and thinly veiled attacks on the superintendent and school board. We are confident that when the facts of the matter are presented they will be seen for what they are.”The board is holding its regular meeting in Lincoln at 7 p.m. Wednesday.While the labor relations complaint is not on the agenda, members of the community could voice their opinions about it during public participation time.