Two Arrested After Burglary, Home Invasion in Washington County 

Authorities say two men are under arrest after a home invasion Monday night in Washington County that forced the owner to fire off a gun and scare off the intruders.The suspects are accused of stealing medical marijuana and a handgun from the home, just hours earlier. 28-year-old Scott Conlin of Cutler and 30-year-old Raymie Stoddard of Machias are charged with criminal attempt of burglary. Washington County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to a home on Proverst Lane in Cathance Township about 11:30 p.m. where two people were reportedly trying to break in.The suspects drove off when the homeowner, who’s a medical marijuana grower, fired a handgun half-a-dozen times.Deputies caught up with Conlin on the Ridge Road in Marshfield.Stoddard ran off but was arrested at the Ridgeview Apartments. Deputies say a search of an apartment turned up pot and a handgun, reportedly stolen from the home on Proverst Lane earlier in the day.Authorities say they also found evidence linking the two to other crimes in the Machais area.Several other charges against Conlin and Stoddard are pending.