Orrington Man Charged with Stealing then Crashing Two Cars 

An Orrington man is jailed, after a wild night that included a high speed chase, a stolen jeep, a crash and a fire.19-year old Dylan Colvin was arrested by Bangor police.Several witnesses reported a speeding silver car.When police caught up to it, Colvin allegedly took off and ended up crashing on Sunset Avenue.The impact sheared off a utility pole, sending sparks into some trees that caught fire.Police determined the vehicle was stolen.Colvin then reportedly took off running.Soon after, Bangor police were notified about a stolen Jeep that crashed.When officers arrived, witnesses pointed to the driver, who was hiding in some woods.Colvin was taken to the hospital then to jail.He’s charged with several counts including Felony Theft, OUI, and Eluding an Officer.