High School Students Learn How to Budget for the Real World 

It’s never too early to learn how to spend your money wisely.That’s why the Bangor Chapter of Credit Unions invited high school juniors and seniors to participate in its Financial Fitness Fair.Students chose a career, were given a salary, then had to figure out how to budget that money for housing, insurance, food and other expenses.It’s a way to teach skills for the real world.”How to budget, how to live within their means so that when they are on their own that they’re not going to get in trouble financially, run up credit cards and find themselves in a situation where they can’t survive,” explained Michael Studee, Chair of this year’s Financial Fitness Fair.Samantha Dolley, a junior at Bangor Christian Academy, said, “I think I’ll be a lot smarter with how I spend my money. I’m not much of a saver and I realize now that I need to work on that.”About 100 students attended the fair to learn how to spend and save.