Downtown Bangor Businesses Will Keep Their Doors Open Later Wednesday to Show That They’re Downtown Proud 

Businesses and restaurants in downtown Bangor are staying open later Wednesday night to show the community what they have to offer.Downtown Proud is a program of Fusion Bangor which encourages residents to take pride in their community.Wednesday night’s open house is the first of many events the group is hosting to shine a light on all things local.”It’s really I think about supporting local being involved in your community, being proud of where you live,” says Fusion Bangor’s Annie Collins.Businesses involved will offer specials and provide food in addition to extended hours.Tony Sohns and his family own the Rock and Art Shop. He says events like this build on the connections that make up a community.”When your customers a lot of them are your friends, or your neighbors that’s a pretty special thing to build, not just to come in and have them buy a plant, a rock or a fossil, you’re actually connecting about how their kids are doing in school or what the special is at the Giacomo’s coffee shop,” he said.The Downtown Proud Open House will last from 5 to 7 Wednesday night.For more information, log onto and search “Downtown Proud Open House.”