Artwork With Air 

A man from Levant is creating art from air.His work can be found on motorcycles, t shirts and even fingernails.Joy Hollowell introduces us to the Air Dragon.====You won’t find a paint brush in Brad Gillis’ workshop. All of his artwork is created with air.Gillis began air brushing about 15 years ago.”Just taught myself,” he says.He paints on all surfaces: t-shirts, ceramic tiles, denim, leather.”In ’98, I went to London and painted fingernails,” Gillis says with a grin. “It was interesting.”Gillis says he enjoys the freedom of an air brush over bristles”I put the skull in there,” says Gillis, pointing to the frame of his Yamaha motorcycle. “And put the graphics in there and just kind of went with the flow with the flames, kind of make them look like they’re floating up over the bike.”The Levant man is modest when it comes to his talents. In fact, Gillis swears he can teach anyone the same techniques. He doesn’t look at this as art work, but instead artistic expression and admits even he himself is inspired by the finished product. “You know, you get done and you look at and sometimes you say, geez, I really did that. You know what I mean, I really did do that,” said Gillis.+++If you’d like more information on Brad Gillis’ work, you can log onto air dragon dot com, or give him a call at 884-2037.