Arthritis Walk in Bangor 

Arthritis is something you don’t hear a lot about, the New England Foundation is doing their part to change that.The tenth annual walk in Bangor was held Saturday.Organizers say they doubled the number of walkers and have outdone last year’s donations, something they say they can cheer about.All the money goes into local programs and research.” What we hope comes from it, is one that we get the publicity out so that everybody knows that arthritis isn’t just for the over 65 people. Two-thirds are under 65 and 1,000 children have it just here in Maine,” said Walk Chairperson, Robin Spencer-Laurie.” Sometimes my knees and elbow and feet hurt and every third week I have to have a shot in my belly or my leg,” said 7-year-old, Callie Russell.They expect to raise a little more than $10,000 from this walk.