Achoo! Pets get Allergies Too 

Most of us know the signs: runny nose, watering eyes and that tickle in the throat that just won’t go away. It all adds up to allergies, but did you know your pets can suffer from them too?If you’re a pet owner you can usually tell when something just isn’t right with your animal.” If they’re not eating well, they don’t feel well, they’re not interacting, their normal life is disrupted, it’s time to come see the vet,” said Dr. Dave Cloutier with the Veazie Veterinary Clinic. Just like humans, pets get allergies. Fleas, food and airborne allergens like grass, trees and weeds are the typical culprits. ” The more animals are exposed to them, the more itchy they’re going to be,” said Cloutier. Your furry friends will show you they’re uncomfortable. ” Licking their paws, licking their abdomen, rubbing their face are the big three symptoms we see,” added Cloutier. In some cases, the constant licking and scratching can cause bigger problems. ” Skin infections, rashes, besides the fact that the animals are really just miserable,” said Cloutier. There are treatments but you should always talk to your vet to figure out what’s the best solution for your situation. Cloutier says allergies are more common in dogs than cats. He also points out that because of the earlier-than-usual mild temperatures, some allergies are starting earlier this year.