Bellavance Jr. Will Appeal Case after Receiving 30 Year Sentence 

Raymond Bellavance Junior remained expressionless in an Augusta courtroom as the judge handed down his thirty year sentence.The maximum sentence for an arson conviction.”It’s very harsh. That’s a harsher sentence then in cases with murder sometimes. No person was injured in this fire,” said Defense Attorney, Andrews Campbell.Bellavance was found guilty by a jury in December for setting the Grandview Topless Coffee Shop in Vassalboro on fire.The state asked for the full sentence.”Probation is a very good thing for many people. But Raymond Bellavance repeatedly failed on probation, ignored court orders. He’s repeatedly shown he has no respect for court orders. The only way you can keep society safe is to give him the full thirty years,” said Acting District Attorney, Alan Kelley.The defense disagreed, as did many people who spoke on his behalf.”He’s a good kid, I know that. If he had done something like that, I would know something about it,” said Bellavance’s father, Raymond Bellavance.”His past histories and what I’ve seen since we’ve been divorced almost thirteen years, I’ve seen a lot growth and change,” said Bellavance’s ex wife, Maria.As for Bellavance’s mind set.”Fight on. Bellavance claims he’s not guilty and he’s entirely innocent, you don’t crumple up under those circumstances,” said Campbell.Bellavance will be appealing his case and because of that chose not to address the court, but did have words as he exited.” This courtroom is as corrupt as it can be,” said Raymond Bellavance Junior.