Take This Cake 

In this Take This Job and Love It, wedding season is here.Chelsey Anderson headed to a licensed home kitchen in Orland to try her hand at cakes. Tiffany Gaspar opened Patty Cake Designs over a year ago. In a poor economy her business is booming. It’s not unusual for her to have 4 cake orders per weekend, and she’s already expanding her business.Chelsey found out why her business takes the cake.Tiffany Gaspar, Patty Cake Designs: “We’re going to get our fondant first.”Tiffany: “We’re using white. So if you just want to feel, we’re going to knead it out.”Tiffany: “Put it into a circle like that and then we’ll put it in between the mat.”Tiffany: “So this is what we’re going to have to roll out.We’re covering a six inch round of a three tier cake.Tiffany: “So what we’ll do is just roll it back and forth.”Tiffany: “So you want to keep doing it in a circle and I tend to like to start from the middle with the edge. Like you can see going out the middle like that. And what you do is just flip it and do it again.”Tiffany: “You want to push right down on it. You’ll feel your arms burn a little sometimes.”Tiffany: “See there you go. Now you’ve got the hang of it.”Tiffany: “See you want it to be the size of the cake.” (SHOW US HOLD IT UP TO THE CAKE AND EYE THE SIZE.)We also checked for thick spots in the fondant that I would need to roll out.Tiffany: “That looks pretty good. That should cover it.”Tiffany: “This is the really tricky part.”Tiffany: “You just go around it like this, and just smooth it.”Tiffany: “You just move it right along. You do it quickly.” Chelsey: “Am I doing anything?” Tiffany: “Kind of, yeah.” (laughter)After the cake was sort of bonnet shape we trimmed off the excess fondant and stacked the cake. Then we made our buttercream frosting and started decorating. And since this cake wasn’t going out to a client, Tiffany let me try my hand at all kinds of techniques.Tiffany: “We’re going to do a ribbon affect.”Tiffany: “You want this in towards the cake so when you’re doing it you’re pointing it in, and then you back and fourth.”Chelsey: “It looks like ribbon candy.” Tiffany: “yeah!”Tiffany: “And it’s okay if you mess up because we can scrape it off and redo it.” Chelsey: “Okay. Here we go.”Let’s try that one again.Chelsey: “Ok. I’m going to go fast.” Tiffany: “Just make sure your end sticks to the cake.” Chelsey: “Watch carefully. Oh. It’s ugly.” (laughter)Tiffany said the frosting was just getting warm, but I think she was being nice, because she took on most of the ribbon work until we got to the second layer.Tiffany: “We’ll take and just do…”Tiffany: “And see how they just kind of pull.”I started out on a good note.Chelsey: “I feel like this one is better than usual.”But it wasn’t long before I was ready to try the next technique.Chelsey: “Oh, this is bad.”We filled in the borders with some flowers.Chelsey: “Aw! They’re so cute.”Tiffany: “Then we’ll put the little pearl in the middle.”Tiffany: “Let’s do tweezer form.” Chelsey: “Okay.” Chelsey: “Now they really look like little flowers.”Then we used an imprinting technique on the top tier.Tiffany: “Then we can just brush it with a little bit of pearl dust.”Last we added our cake topper of fresh flowers.Tiffany doesn’t just design wedding cakes. She has everything from birthday cakes to anniversary cakes. And with little treats being all the thing right now, Tiffany is pumping out fun cupcake designs on a regular basis.Tiffany: “This you just take and you do a swirl.”Chelsey: “Mine is much fatter.”Once they were frosted we topped them with a little heart, and it was time to find out if I’d be hired.”Yes… With some training.”To see more of what Patty Cakes Design has to offer check them out on Facebook.And if you have an idea for Chelsey’s next Take This Job and Love It, email us: [email protected]