Area Firefighters From Six Different Departments Participate in Firefighter Training 

For firefighters, safety is their number one concern when battling flames which is why they say training is so important.Wednesday, a training exercise brought area firefighers from six different departments together in Orono to battle a house fire.The Orono Fire Department obtained a building on Essex Street for the live burns.Six different fires were ignited to allow firefighters to practice skills needed to put out a building fire.Firefighers from Orono, Old Town, Milford, Bangor, Veazie and Glenburn took part in the exercise.”It’s unlike the movies, it’s very pitch dark in a fire you can’t see, it’s not a Hollywood situation you have to go by feel and you have to know what you’re doing that’s why we train,” said firefighter Steve O’Malley with the Old Town Fire Department.Residents living on the street watched the building as it burned to the ground at the end of the day.They call it a win win for the area as it helps train firefighters and will hopefully increase property values down the road.