Milo Residents Question Grant Money Use 

A lively discussion took place in Milo Monday night over federal grant money.After a fire that destroyed much of Downtown three years ago, the town recevied a $500,000 dollar revitalization grant.With that money, the town decided to purchase land downtown.Now, town officials want to build a building with some of the leftover grant money.They would like to lease that building to Elaine Poulin, owner of Elaine’s Bakery.But a restriction in the deed to that land does not allow for resturants in the downtown area.Elaine argues that her facility would be a wholesale bakery that only serves breakfast, which many at the meeting said constitutes a restaurant.Other restaurant owners in town want to know why they weren’t approached and offered the same deal as Elaine.As part of the deal, the bakery would only have to pay one dollar in rent for the first year.Another grant proposal would give Elaine’s bakery $60,000 dollars to buy new kitchen equipment in exchange for the restaurants commitment to hire two full time employees.Residents will be able to vote next week as to whether to allow both grants to proceed, or to give the money back to the federal government.That vote is Tuesday, May 15th at 6PM at Town Hall.