Maine GOP Fallout 

The head of the Maine GOP acknowledges the convention this past weekend didn’t go as smoothly as it should have.Charlie Webster says much of the blame it due to the amount of people that showed up in Augusta.Some Republicans are crying foul after Ron Paul supporters essentially took over the convention Saturday.They were able to elect 15 at-large delegates from Maine to the GOP nominating convention this summer. “It’s really unfair to say that anybody would hijack or take over a convention that is strictly for folks who are registered Republicans,” says Travis Bogan, a Ron Paul supporter who attended the convention in Augusta. “Going in and voting you conscience in how you want to, I think that’s just a matter of being part of a party and that’s your right.”But some Mitt Romney supporters say those delegates will never make it to Florida, because of rules that were violated this weekend, specifically those that state votes must be taken in an open forum.Bogan says he saw no violation of rules while at the convention and that any changes to the voting procedure were made with a two-thirds majority vote.Some U-S Senate candidates are also upset they didn’t get to deliver their speeches at the convention.Webster says the convention is typically held on Friday and Saturday, but this year they didn’t want to force anyone to take a day off from work, so they opted to hold the convention on Saturday and Sunday. And, they started late on Sunday to give people a chance to go to church.Webster acknowledges that staying past 6 p.m. Sunday night cost the Maine GOP around $12,000 in overtime.”Part of the problem is our fault,” says Webster. “We really need to look at how we’re going to make this work an accommodate Christians who want to go to church, and working people who want to come to the event. If I’m still chairman in two years we’ll try to come up with a better plan.”You can watch Tv-5’s entire interview with Charlie Webster on our website.Ron Paul supporters are posting a video on You Tube.It allegedly shows a fake list of delegates that Paul supporters say was being handed out at the convention.They claim it was done in an effort to further divide the vote.