Roaming Rob: Hiking Moxie Falls 

Many of you have expressed interest in visiting some of Maine’s beautiful waterfalls! Let’s re-visit my hike to Moxie Falls:”Here we are at the Moxie Falls trailhead ready to experience one of Maine’s tallest waterfalls. The trail, maintained by the Bureau of Parks and Lands, is a pretty easy trail. Not much of a hike, in fact, it’s nicely paved and you don’t have to follow any red blazes. It’s hard to deviate from this trail. I think we will be rewarded with a pretty nice view at the end.”The gravel trail was easy to navigate, with only occasional rocks, roots, and puddles posing hazards.”Normally, this is rated as an easy level hike. We do have a tree down on the trail right now. We’ll just make our way underneath this and continue to Moxie Falls.””A little bit of water runoff this morning from the cold rain showers we saw across the region on this particular day we went hiking. Some boggy areas just over towards that direction as well. My guess is the falls should be flowing at a pretty good rate today here at Moxie Falls.””Here we see a sign marking the trail. I think we’re about two-thirds of the way there so the waterfalls lie not too much further down along this trail. Moxie Falls is just upon us.””Just came down a few stairs on the trail. We’ll be making our way down a few more stairs. But, I can hear the sound of the waterfall, which means we’re really not that far.””Here we are at the first of a series of waterfalls that together make up what is known as Moxie Falls. On this particular day, pretty cold out here. We even saw a few snowflakes in the air.”The thunderous roar echoing throughout the gorge was the result of this powerful waterfall. The brownish water color was a little more pronounced than normal thanks to heavy rain showers the region had seen earlier during the day of the hike. Still, the observation decks along the trail provided a spectacular view of this natural wonder.”Here we are. Just an absolutely gorgeous view at Moxie Falls. Right now, I’m joined by Rex Turner. He is an Outdoor Recreation Planner at the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands. And, Rex, the water sure has some moxie behind it, huh?””Yeah you could say that, both in name and character. It’s flowing pretty good over the falls.” “What kind of drop-off are we looking at? How tall is the waterfall?” “It’s about 90 feet.” “About 90 feet. So that would put it as one of the tallest waterfalls in the state.” “Yeah, it’s right up at the top.””So this particular park is maintained by your bureau?” “It is. And you know, trail maintenance we do with our staff. We also rely on volunteers in places. There are an awful lot of trails in Maine, which is a great thing. I think our mission is to conserve some of the truly special, remarkable places for the people of Maine, and, frankly, for people visiting Maine as well.””Well, thanks for joining us today, Rex. I really appreciate it. And a big thanks to the folks at the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands for maintaining the trails to Moxie Falls. Easily one of the most beautiful and breathtaking waterfalls I’ve ever seen. And definitely something you should check out in the Pine Tree State.”