Maine Discovery Museum and Junior Achievement Teams Up 

Those with the Maine Discovery Museum and Junior Cchievement say it seemed like a perfect fit to join forces.” We’re really hoping on just the awareness factor that as parents bring their kids in, learn more about Junior Achievement, they may go back to their school and say we heard about this great program,” said Jill Jamison of Junior Achievement of Maine.Junior Achievement works to educate children about finances and work readiness.” The earlier you can get to the kids the better. Studies after studies show you can begin that early learning process at a young age and just keeps going. Their attention is much better, you get them at a early age and they’re interested in keep coming back,” said Maine Discovery Museum Executive Director, Niles Parker.To start off, JA’s curriculum will be worked into the museum’s summer camps. They expect to expand their collaboration in the future.” We’re really trying to build on the concept that you do need to manage your money. The things you need to think about because there is a cost of things. Some students don’t realize what the cost is,” said Jamison.Since they are working with a young age group, they plan to keep it simple.” So we really want to take them back to basics. This is what a real check is and this is how you would make it out and actually balance a checking account,” said Jamison.” The fact that we can make this hands on and interactive in a fun way, gets across very basic financial literacy concept that kids can better understand by getting their hands on,” said Parker.