Volunteers Help Get Camp Capella Ready for Summer 

Rake by rake, the folks with Downeast Horizons are getting Camp Capella ready for summer.”I was really surprised at the way the winter had treated this place. It needed a lot of work and seeing it start to come together is really wonderful,” said Downeast Horizons Executive Director, Tony Zambrano.More than fifty volunteers helped with planting and raking. Many will actually attend the camp this summer.”I think they get a great satisfaction from helping others and when summer time rolls around and they’re here for the week they’re going to realize what makes this thing possible,” said Zambrano.Those with Camp Capella say it would be impossible to take care of it without the help of volunteers.”This camp for many campers who come here, they wouldn’t be able to attend any other summer time experience because of their disabilities,” said Camp Capella Executive Director, Dana Mosher.This year, many of the campers can pat themselves on the back.”Hard work and the effort of everybody can make this a beautiful place and they did it this year,” said Zambrano.