Friends of the Bangor Dog Park Hold Information Session in Bangor 

Residents were invited to join in a public information session last night regarding Bangor’s first dog park.The non-profit organization, Friends of the Bangor Dog Park, held the session at the Mary Snow School in Bangor. They have been working with the city on planning a park to be located off Essex Street. Forum organizers held the event last night to talk to members of the community about what a dog park would mean for Bangor.Chris Nill (Communications Liason, Bangor Dog Park)- “We’d like to address every body’s concerns and questions and basically make everyone feel better tonight that a dog park is a good thing for Bangor.”One Essex Street resident did express concerns about changing the wooded area to accomodate for the park and if Essex Street is the best location.Friends of the Dog Park also stressed park funding would rely on donations from the community.They need an estimated sixty thousand dollars for the park.They have raised a little less than ten thousand so far, if you would like more information about the park, you can log on to