Man with Type 2 Diabetes Seeks to Empower Others 

Living with diabetes can be a struggle, but a man from Kennebunk is doing his part to show it’s manageable.Robert Coburn spoke to a diabetes support group at St. Joseph Hospital in Bangor, Wednesday.He has Type 2 diabetes, but refuses to let it slow him down.Two years ago, he rode his bike as part of the Tour de Cure,which benefits the American Diabetes Association.Coburn said he wants to let other diabetics know they can do it, too.”We encourage people to look at diabetes as something you can work with every day and it’s a tough disease. So, you know, getting people to think about what they need to do every day to both stop disease progression and feel as good as they can,” said Coburn.Coburn’s visit marked the last meeting of the season for the support group. The sessions will start up again in September at the St. Joseph Healthcare Park. Everyone is welcome.