Missing in Maine 2: A Family Looking for Answers, The Kimberly Moreau Story 

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, your child doesn’t come home. Thankfully, police are able to find a lot of missing children and return them home safely, but sometimes, it’s not that simple. For a family in Jay, they’ve been living with the pain of not knowing where their loved one is for nearly three decades. You can’t drive through the town of Jay without seeing her face. ‘ I’ll go by a picture and I’ll wink at her, I’ll smile,” said Richard Moreau. She’s the talk of the town even though no one has seen her in nearly 26 years. ” It’s a small town, people still do care,” said Chief Larry White with the Jay Police Department. Kimberly Moreau was 17 when she disappeared. It was the night of junior prom, the night before Mother’s Day and a night her sister, Karen, will never forget. ” I had no reason to think that it’d be the last time I saw my sister,” said Karen Dalot. Kimberly had been out with friends that night. She stopped home around 11pm and told her sister she would be back in an hour. ” She left here and unfortunately never came home,” said Dalot. Kimberly got into a white Trans Am, and the rest of the story, is still a mystery. ” All we’ve got is hearsay, what people have told us and what we have learned over the years,” said Richard Moreau, Kimberly’s dad. Larry White is Jay’s police chief. He started on the force a year after Kimberly’s disappearance. ” This has gone on for years and she’s been missing for a long time and it’s time to bring her home,” said White. There have been searches in Jay and neighboring town, Canton. State police have been chipping away at the case, too. Sgt. Jeffrey Love was assigned to the case for two years, beginning at the end of 2009. ” We know who she was with, we’ve talked to those people, and we feel as though they do have some more information that would help us,” said Love. No one wants answers more than Richard Moreau. Kimberly was his little girl.” She loved music, loved dancing and so forth. She was always very, very particular about her appearance. If you came down to this house and her hair wasn’t absolutely perfect, and she didn’t have her makeup on, forget it, you ain’t talking to her and that’s the way she always was,” described Moreau. The Moreau family has been very involved in the entire process. Richard has put up pictures throughout the town of his little girl. ” I’d say somewhere in the neighborhood of 40-50 thousand,” said Moreau. Foul play is suspected in her disappearance and her family believes that’s what happened, too. ” We know she won’t walk through the door, we know that. We’ve long ago accepted that, but we want her home, we want to give her the burial she deserves,” said Moreau. It’s been more than two decades now, and the Moreau’s know someone has the answers they need. ” The fact that people change their stories about where she was has always frustrated us,” said Dalot. ” Just go to a pay phone and disguise your voice and give very precise details where to find Kim’s body,” said Moreau. They’ve searched, and dug, and at this point, they’ve learned not to expect too much. ” I can’t get my hopes up that high anymore. I just can’t get them up that high to say this is gonna finally be the year,” said Moreau. Police continue to get tips on the case. ” We evaluate all that information, investigate it and run out the lead, hoping that it will bring some resolution to the case,” said Sgt. Love. ” The smallest tip might not mean much to you but it might be what we need to break the case wide open,” added Chief White. ” That’s all it’s going to take is one little piece of paper. The right call, the right person to say, look here. I don’t care who it comes from I just care that it comes,” said Dalot. Authorities want that day to come. ” It would be the highlight of my career if I could go and tell her dad that,” said Chief White. Richard Moreau wants it to come more than you can imagine. ” I’m just a dad that loved his daughter, loves his other daughters and I want to be able to see my daughter home. I don’t think it’s too much to ask,” said Moreau. When Moreau finally gets the answers he needs, ” I’ll sit down and have one heck of a good cry. That I can guarantee you will happen.” Then, the pictures that line the streets of Jay will disappear. ” Then we go tear down all the posters, that’ll be a great day,” said Moreau with a smile. The posters may leave but Kimberly’s memory will never go away. Richard Moreau says he never wants to know how or why something happened to his daughter. He just wants to bury her at the cemetary where he already has a gravestone for her, next to her mother. They have a complete DNA record of Kimberly and are hoping the big break in the case comes soon. Two of the people who were with Kimberly the last night she was seen have died. One in a hit and run accident, the other in a car fire. The family and police believe there are people in the Jay area who know what happened to Kimberly Moreau. If you have any information you can leave an anonymous tip by calling State Police at (207) 624-7076 or Jay Police at (207) 897-6766.Kimberly’s family has a website regarding the case. You can visit by clicking here.