UMaine Bearfest Raises $30,000 for Children’s Miracle Network 

College students are used to pulling all-nighters but recently they did a different one for the kids.UMaine hosted its first ever bearfest.The event is one of a series of college dance marathons across the country to benefit Children’s Miracle Network.More than 3-hundred students and supporters stood on their feet for 12 hours.They raised 30-thousand dollars exceeding their original goal by ten-thousand dollars.They presented the money to Eastern Maine Medical Center.”Even though it’s 12 hours of dancing we were all so pumped to do it because it’s for the kids and we’ve seen people that it’s saved their lives and we’ve met with the families that have been severely impacted by this and that’s what it’s all about like Josh said standing for those who can’t,” said Brittany Cote, the Co-Chair of the event.It took 28 gallons of coffee to keep students awake and 100 pizzas to keep them fed.