Roaming Rob: Hiking Angel Falls 

Websites, bloggers, and hikers alike all rate Angel Falls as one of the best waterfall hikes in Maine.According to Rangeley native Stephen Richard, “It’s really nice. I highly recommend it for anybody from away who’s never been there. Even the locals like to go out there once in a while just to get away and do something different.”I made the trek to the western mountains of the state to witness the beauty of Angel Falls. The trailhead leading to the falls was located about 20 miles south of Rangeley. Getting to the trailhead, though, was no easy task. Navigating some logging roads proved to be a dusty, rocky and rough venture. Definitely a job for an all-wheel-drive vehicle with off-road capabilities.”All right, so here we are at the Angel Falls trailhead, marked by red blazes on the trees. We’ll be following these red blazes throughout the entirety of the hike, telling us which way to go.””Here we’ve reached our first impasse. Time to cross a stream. It looks like there are some rocks that we can climb over. You see the red blaze on the other side, indicating that this is the correct trail we are following. We’re not lost…yet. And we will be following that the whole way across the stream so let’s see if we can find a few rocks to step on and keep as dry as we can.””We’re looking for red blazes. They’re actually just up that way, but I can definitely hear something. Let me take a look to see what we’re coming up against here. Looks like a pretty nice stream. A lot of rocks so we should be able to skip across some of the rocks just like we did at the last stream.””Here it is, April, and we still see a little patch of ice on the trail. I’m sure for this time of year we would typically see a lot more ice than this but still pretty cool to see that, especially after some of the warm weather we saw in March and even earlier in April.””We just crossed the stream a third time, now it’s time to cross the stream, that’s right, a fourth time. See the red blaze here? The next one is back over there. This doesn’t look like it will be too bad. Definitely some rocks to step across.””First glimpse of what we’re about to see and I think we’re in for a real treat. That is incredible, especially something towering so high while we’re down here. That’s about 90 feet up there. Incredible.”The easy to moderate level hike paid off with a gorgeous reward at the end. I now understand why this waterfall was named Angel Falls. With the way the water hits the rocks on the way down, it resembled an angel’s wings. The rays of sunlight shining through the gentle mist of one of Maine’s tallest waterfalls only added to the beauty of this secluded canyon.Well, there you have it. Angel Falls: easily one of the most beautiful and, as you can see, mystical, places in the Pine Tree State. It’s probably one of the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever seen. I wanted to thank the folks at They had a lot of information concerning the trail and how to find this place in the western mountains of the state – just an absolutely beautiful experience. Coming up next week on Roaming Rob, we’ll check out some more of Maine’s most mystical waterfalls!For more information on waterfall hikes in the state, check