MaineCare Computer Glitch Paid Out $10.7 Million To 7700 Ineligible Mainers 

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – The head of Maine’s health and humanservices department is telling lawmakers that a computer problemresulted in the state inadvertently paying out $10.7 million inMedicaid services to more than 7,700 people who weren’t eligible. Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew released thenumbers Friday following weeks of analysis by the department. Mayhew said the state will likely have to pay back $3.8 million to the federal government because of the mistaken payments, where Mainersreceived services covered by MaineCare, the state’s Medicaidprogram, to which they weren’t entitled. The Appropriations Committee on Friday was given an explanationof how the mistake will affect the department’s future budgetneeds.