Weight Watchers: Snacking Strategies 

There’s room for snacking when it comes to losing weight. Jackie Conn has some snacking strategies that can help you take pounds off, and keep them off.Snack Attacks!Warm weather and longer days get people thinking about shorts and swim suits ….and ……YIKES! I need to lose some of this winter weight I’ve gained. That sense of urgency created by the thought of exposing more of our bodies can drive us to do crazy things like crash dieting. Jackie Conn from Weight Watchers says that a sensible diet that provides adequate calories and satisfaction is the best way to take off weight if you want to keep off the weight. When it comes to weight loss, Jackie says, “snack yourself thin!” She joins us today to share some snacking strategies that can support sustained weight loss.* Avoid snack attacks. Don’t let snacks sneak up on you: plan your snacks* Keep in mind the nutrients and calories you get from your snacks* Practice safe snacking with portion control* Snacking satisfaction? If your snack didn’t satisfy you was that because you were never really hungry?