Students Learn Boating Safety from U.S. Coast Guard Members 

You’re never too young to learn how to keep safe on the water. Some Bucksport students got a lesson in boated safety from members of the U.S. Coast Guard. It was all aboard in Bucksport. ” It’s been a good thing for the kids, it’s better for my crew,” said Tim Chase, with the U.S. Coast Guard. Pre-kindergarten through first graders at the GH Jewett School got a hands on lesson from U.S. Coast Guard members out of Southwest Harbor. ” We went on a boat,” said one student. ” We saw the steering wheel and like steered it kind of.” ” Giving the kids a chance to walk around on the boat, see what we do, explain what the boat does,” said Chase. The kids had a lot of questions and the Coast Guard members were more than happy to answer. They also did a lot of teaching, including boating safety. ” We let the kids see what a life jacket looks like, heating lines, a life raft, given them a chance to get inside, see what it looks like,” said Chase. The kids seem to get the message about life jackets. ” They help you swim in the water and they help you so you can survive in the water,” said another student taking part in the activity. So far, it looks like this educational voyage was a successful one.