Save-A-Lot Opens In Downtown Waterville 

Waterville residents have been hoping for a grocery store in the downtown area for quite some time. Wednesday, they got their wish.Governor LePage cut the ribbon on the new Save-A-Lot grocery store in the Concourse Wednesday morning. “Looking at 9:15 in the morning, it has been a long time since I’ve seen the parking lot loaded with cars,” Waterville City Councilor Rosemary Winslow said.Save-A-Lot’s owner, Zachary Sclar, says he’s excited for this day to finally be here. “The town has welcomed us with open arms. I’m really excited about all the employees we’ve hired locally.”28 new hires to be exact. With two Hannaford stores, Shaws, and Walmart all within 5 miles of this location there’s plenty of competition. “I think there’s a niche here,” Sklar said. “Those are all great competitors, but we really pride ourselves on the quality of our meats and the lower prices at our store. So I think we’ll do okay.”The team at Waterville Main Street conduct an annual survey to find out what new businesses people want to see downtown. The overwhelming answer over the years has been a grocery store. “It’s the top of the survey every year when we survey consumers and businesses about what they’d like to see. So we think it’s really going to drive traffic,” said Waterville Main Street Executive Director Shannon Haines.Save-A-Lot fills the hole that most recently housed Ames years ago and until now had struggled to find a tenant. It joins new neighbors Goodwill and the Family Dollar in the Concourse. “So for those who are without vehicles or are in walking distance in the area, such as we have senior housing just around the corner, this is a perfect location for them,” Winslow said.