New Interactive & Organic Park Coming To Waterville 

The grocery store isn’t the only thing new in downtown Waterville. Crews spent the day removing concrete benches from a mostly unused park in the Concourse parking lot.The work is to clear the way for an organic, interactive park. There will soon be a new shaded area for folks to sit and have lunch. They’re also making a spot for live acoustic music and installing raised beds for flower and vegetable gardens. The plan also includes planting a small fruit tree orchard.A group that included local downtown business came up with the ideas. “It was just a combination of people in the community,” said Dave Gulak, owner of Barrels Market on Main Street. “A number of people, a lot of the businesses just wanting it to be used more,” he said. “Sort of us getting together and brain storming what can we do that will actually get it to be interactive, used, fun, and attractive.”Funding for the project comes from community development grant funding given to the city. They hope to have the park finished this summer.