Bangor Residents Speak Out at City Council Meeting Over Whether Ted Nugnet Should be Booted from The City’s Watefront Concert Series 

A Bangor city councilor wants Ted Nugent booted from the city’s waterfront concert seriesEarlier this month, Nugent said he would be “dead or in jail” this time next year if President Obama was re-elected.Following that comment, Bangor city councilor Charlie Longo sent a letter to concert promoter Alex Gray asking that ted nugent be removed from the line-up.At Monday night’s city council meeting, residents weighed in.Stephen Breau-Bangor Resident: “I cannot defend exactly the words he said but for the council to try to say that we don’t want him here is not the place of the council.”Patrick Downey-Believes council should issue statement on Nugent comment:”I think the chamber ought to, at the very least, issue some kind of statement saying here in Bangor we don’t approve of that kind of incivility.”Concert promoter Alex Gray says, if the full council wants him to pursue the matter, he will, however, Gray cautions it could have a negative ripple effect on music shows in Bangor.Nugent is currently set to perform on the waterfront stage, July 8th.