Bangor City Councilor Charlie Longo Would Like to See Ted Nugent Removed from Waterfront Concert Line Up 

Bangor City Councilor Charlie Longo would like to see Ted Nugent removed from the Waterfront Concert line up.Longo sent Waterfront Concert President, Alex Gray, a letter earlier this week sharing his concerns about Nugent’s latest comments about President Barack Obama, that have gotten him in hot water.Nugent made the comments about President Obama at a NRA gathering, saying he “will either be in jail or dead by this time next year” if Barack Obama is elected president in the fall.In his letter to Gray, Longo says, ” I believe that this vitriolic, incendiary rhetoric has no place in our national discourse. Furthermore, I do not believe that we should give him a platform to stand on the city of Bangor.Gray sent his response to TV-5, in the letter he says if it’s how the council feels collaboratively he can pursue it, but wants to caution him that it will have a ripple effect on music in Bangor.