Energy Efficiency Trends at Bangor Home Show 

More than 300 vendors have set up shop at the Bangor Auditorium for the Bangor Home Show. There folks can check out everything from kitchenware to hot tubs to flooring.But among the many different booths is an indication of a trend here in Maine and nationwide.”The folks that come through this show, they’re interested in trying to do something for their home and I know a lot of them are interested in trying to reduce their bills, they’re trying to consolidate, increase the value of their homes, do a bunch of different things and there are a lot of vendors here that can really help with that,” said Keith McPherson, Owner of Home Energy Answers.Fuel costs are high so people at the home show are looking to possibly make some changes to their homes to be more energy efficient and save some money. One way they’re looking to do that is through solar energy.”You do get a lot of people that are starting to build houses, they’re building them up to today’s efficiency standards so that they’re able to now incorporate solar hot water to heat their radiant floors and what not,” said Ted Hellier, a distributor for Hammersaw Solar.Another way is investing in weatherizing their homes. A new business called Home Energy Answers focuses on how they can help Mainers do that in a low cost way. It’s all part of this efficiency trend that’s been cropping up at the home show, especially in recent years.Hellier said, “This is my third year here and I think you find that every year people are more knowledgeable, they come up, they’ve got all their questions all lined up, they know exactly what they want to ask, they expect to find somebody here to ask these questions of and it’s an education process but you can see where we are making progress.”It’s progress toward making our homes better for the environment and better for our wallets.