Boy Organizing A Softball Tournament To Honor His Grandmother 

Local softball teams are gearing up for their league play and a number of charity events around the area.One will take place Mother’s Day Weekend.And it’s being done on that special date to honor the grandmother of the organizer.11 Year old Tommy Hosmer of Bangor is like many other sixth graders. He’s happy he just made baseball B team at his middle school and he has another year of Little League ball.But he’s also happy because he’s getting ready to host his first charity softball tournament. “I’m doing it on Mother’s Day Weekend because I just wanted to celebrate like Mom’s and Mimi’s and grandmothers.”Two years ago Tommy held his first fundraiser in honor of his Grandmother Linda who passed away from Ovarian Cancer.He had a book sale and raised more than 33 hundred dollars, last year a bake sale brought in 12 hundred more dollars for the Cancer Care Center of Maine.Now he’s doing something he loves in memory of someone he loves. “I love baseball or softball and I never really got to see my Mimi come watch me play baseball so i just wanted to have a softball tournament for cancer.”He’d like to match the 55 hundred dollars he’s raised in the last two years with this tournament. He has enough teams but he’d like to get more donations and he’d like to continue to spread his message. “I just wanted people to realize that everybody can make a difference because it’s really easy and it’s fun and I’ve been doing it so, everybody that’s donated has made a difference.”The tournament is scheduled for Union Street Athletic Complex in Bangor Saturday May 12th.If you’d like more information Visit The Event Facebook Page